"Every school we work with is on a journey towards becoming 'World Class'. Our Trust is there to support this."

Our Trust exists to support school improvement and share innovation across all of our schools in order to raise standards, improve provision and unlock potential. The purpose of each school is to improve the life chances of each child regardless of ability, gender, social background or ethnic origin.

Each school in our Trust has a unique context and works to best meet the needs of its pupils and local community. We do not believe in a standard ‘one size fits all’ approach or the development of ‘identikit’ schools. The Trust develops a bespoke relationship with each school dependent on where it lies on its journey towards becoming ‘World Class’, and support its development while respecting its unique character and context.

One of the academies in our Trust, Hollingworth Academy has been recognised as a National Support School and was until recently as National Teaching School. These roles have developed significant experience and capacity in system leadership, developing and sharing good practice and providing bespoke support. It has also benefitted by learning from others to refine and improve practice.

As a Teaching School, we developed a network of Subject Leaders in Education and the CEO is a National Leader in Education.

What are the main benefits of establishing our Multi Academy Trust?

  • More freedom and autonomy to drive school improvement.
  • Long term commitment to partnership, support and school improvement.
  • Build capacity for school improvement through our skills and experience as a Teaching School and National Support School.
  • Share best practice across all schools (clear Trust Improvement Plan).
  • Shared strategic leadership across a group of schools that benefits all.
  • Greater opportunities to retain and develop staff at all levels.
  • Succession planning strengthened across the Trust and within each academy.
  • Opportunities to achieve economies of scale when sharing resources and joint purchasing.
  • Increased value for money and buying power in a difficult fiscal landscape.
  • Increased flexibility and operational efficiencies – less duplication of effort.
  • Responsibility and self-determination at a Trust level.

What is the impact for staff?

In the event of joining our Multi Academy Trust (MAT), the pay and conditions of staff are protected under the TUPE process. One of our founding principles is ‘to always act in the best interest of pupils’. We believe the best way to achieve this is to look after our colleagues. This means:

  • Prior to establishing our MAT : We commit to national pay and conditions as cultured in the STPCD for teaching staff and follow the terms set out in the green book for support staff. We commit to full union recognition and partnership working practice.
  • Ongoing : Commit to meaningful professional development. Commit to developing meaningful staff wellbeing practice. We would aim to introduce the wellbeing practice we have developed at Hollingworth throughout the Trust, which has been recognised nationally by Investors in People; Inclusion Quality Mark Flagship status; Identification for a study by Ambition School Leadership on highly sustainable school. Commit to reduction of unnecessary workload (both in terms of practice and culture).