Newhouse Academy joined the Hollingworth Learning Trust family in April 2020 closely followed by the appointment of a new Headteacher in September 2020. With extensive experience of school improvement, who has supported, advised and led schools across the country.

With support from the Trust and by utilising the partnership with Hollingworth Academy, Newhouse is on a journey and making the necessary steps to becoming the school of choice in the community.

Message from the Headteacher

I am very honoured to be the Headteacher of Newhouse Academy and it is a privilege to serve the students and the community.

We are entering a new and exciting time for Newhouse Academy. Our ‘High Expectations Agenda’ to ensure both our students and staff are supported to deliver the highest standards is embedding itself in the academy’s culture. Our staff are encouraged to be imaginative and creative in the classroom in order to deliver motivational and inspiring lessons.

Newhouse Academy, is part of Hollingworth Learning Trust. As part of the Trust we are committed to providing opportunities for all students in a school where the values of aspiration, integrity and respect are integral. This is coupled with the determination to ensure all of our students achieve their desired destinations after Year 11 when they leave us.

Our academy believes that all students regardless of starting points, should be given the opportunity to achieve their goals in education. Newhouse Academy strives to instil in all students a belief that intelligence is an area where we can all improve if we work hard and see our mistakes as part of that learning journey. This mindset is placed at the heart of teaching and learning and the ‘Our People’ curriculum enables our students to develop both personally and academically. This approach nurtures all students to see challenges as opportunities to flourish.

‘Our People’ and ‘High Expectations’ of both students and staff are our starting point this academic year. We hope as a community you will support the students and the academy to achieve our vision and values. Together we can rise to the challenge of supporting our students settling into secondary education. We are already working hard to ensure the gaps in learning have been identified and interventions are in place to support our students to achieve at the highest possible standard. We will not be complacent, and will be relentless in our pursuit of securing strong futures for all of the students of Newhouse Academy.

Mr Alex Burnham

If you would like a tour of the academy or to come and see what we do, please feel free to get in touch.

Newhouse Academy
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