Local Governing Body (LGB)

We believe that Local Governing Bodies are critical champions of each school’s unique educational offer.

The core purposes of each LGB are:

  • Monitor the academy’s key performance indicators.
  • Act as a critical friend for the Senior Leadership of the academy.
  • Represent the views of local stakeholders.
  • Act as local ‘champions’ of each academy’s unique ethos, local community, heritage and educational offer.

The specific responsibilities of each LGB are detailed in each academy’s scheme of delegation.

A LGB should be composed of representatives of key stakeholders. The minimum representation for each group is detailed below.

Type of member Number Term of office How they are elected
Headteacher 1 Indefinite On appointment to post.
Teaching Staff 2 3 Years Teacher election – secret ballot to be organised by the relevant academy.
Support Staff 1 3 Years Support Staff election – secret ballot to be organised by the relevant academy.
Parent Representatives 3 3 Years Parent election – secret ballot to be organised by the relevant academy.
Community Representatives 3 3 Years May be parents of current or ex-pupils or members of the local community. These posts are appointed by the Chair of the LGB.
Senior Appointee 1 Indefinite Appointed by the Governing Board.

The Chair and Vice Chair of the LGB are elected on an annual basis from the body of community and parent representatives.

Scheme of Delegation

The scheme of delegation is a key document which defines the lines of responsibility and accountability in a MAT. It should be a simple yet systematic way of ensuring members, Trustees committees (including local governing committees), executive leadership and academy principals are clear about their roles and responsibilities; allowing everyone to get on with the business of improving outcomes for children and young people.

We seek to a unique relationship with each school.

To view our local governance information and attendance please visit our academy website:

Hollingworth Academy Website

Newhouse Academy Website